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At Downtown Fine Spirits and Wines, it is our deepest wish to provide you with the most unique shopping experience; a venture in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We pride ourselves on our service, product knowledge, and attention to detail.

Our unique liquour shop has an amazing selection of wines,beers, and spirits displayed like you've never seen before! Close to 2000 wines selected from all over the world, large and small production, including organic and local products.

Our craft and imported beer selection (800+) will please any hops connoisseur, and our spirit selection has everything you need for that special mixed drink or late-night sipping with friends. Check out our huge collection of Colorado and Organic spirits as well! We offer a 3% discount on all cash purchases, all the time. Please utilize our friendly and knowledgable staff to assist with your specific shopping needs.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Downtown Fine Spirits and Wines!

On the corner of Wahsatch and Colorado!
    Experience Spain's version  
    of the Grenache grape with  
    the herbal and fruity Xiloca  
    Red from Bodega Vinae  
    Mureri - now only $5.99  
    for 750 ml! OR  
    try the hearty full-bodied  
    flavor of Racha IP Mendoza  
    with its rich fruity blend of  
    Racha Valley grapes, along  
    with a hint of berries and a  
  slight oaken finish. This Argentinian Gem was $9.99,  
  But now is available for only $4.99 / 750ml bottle!  
    PatrĂ³n Silver Tequila is the  
    perfect ultra-premium white  
    spirit. Using only the finest  
    100% Weber blue agave;  
    handmade in small batches  
    to be smooth, soft and easily  
    mixable. This light, crystal  
    clear tequila with fresh  
    agave aromas and hints of  
    citrus is a favorite of tequila  
    connoisseurs worldwide.  
  Taste the award-winning flavor with a light peppery  
  finish for only $17.99 / 375ml bottle!  
    Newcastle Bombshell, the  
    English Pale Ale that is  
    perfect for those evening  
    late-summer parties is  
    now available! Experience  
    the fruity, lemon aroma  
    along with the sweet malts  
    with a light toast. Finish is  
    very dry, with a light Body  
    that is crisp and refreshing.  
    try this summer pleaser  
  now for only $6.50 / 6pk, and see why this beer is  
  a favorite party addition!  

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