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At Downtown Fine Spirits and Wines, it is our deepest wish to provide you with the most unique shopping experience; a venture in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We pride ourselves on our service, product knowledge, and attention to detail.

Our unique liquour shop has an amazing selection of wines,beers, and spirits displayed like you've never seen before! Close to 2000 wines selected from all over the world, large and small production, including organic and local products.

Our craft and imported beer selection (800+) will please any hops connoisseur, and our spirit selection has everything you need for that special mixed drink or late-night sipping with friends. Check out our huge collection of Colorado and Organic spirits as well! We offer a 3% discount on all cash purchases, all the time. Please utilize our friendly and knowledgable staff to assist with your specific shopping needs.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Downtown Fine Spirits and Wines!

On the corner of Wahsatch and Colorado!
    A dining favorite at The Olive  
    Garden restaurants all over  
    the US! Straw-yellow with  
    golden reflections and a  
    delicate mousse; fruity and  
    fvery inviting, with intense  
    scents of peaches and  
    exotic fruit; fresh and with  
    a pleasantly sweet taste that  
    reveals its bold varietal  
    characteristics. Easy to  
  drink, and a favorite to many. Now for only $9.50 a  
  750ml bottle! Sit back and relax with this Moscato!  
    Fuegón is the world's first  
    70-proof, red licorice liqueur.  
    The recipe, has a unique and  
    delicious deep licorice flavor.  
    It goes down smooth, yet has  
    a bold kick to remind you of  
    its bold liqueur. Fuegón lends  
    itself to many mixers, most  
    importantly, those with  
    lemonade, limeade, soda,  
    champagne, and energy  
  drinks, as well as pineapple and grapefruit. Try this  
  unique liqueur for only $9.99 / 750ml!  
    Magic Hat's Night of the  
    Living Dead 12 pk combines  
    #9 Not Quite Pale Ale, Jinx  
    Scotch Ale, Hi #9 IPA, and  
    Wilhelm Scream Pumpkin  
    Ale! Try this cabal of beers  
    carefully selected to scare  
    the howl out of autumn  
    thirsts and exorcise the  
    season's most frightnening  
    fluid cravings. One of the  
  best variety packs you'll ever find! Now only $14.99  
  for 12 bottles of prestine goodness!  

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